Sunday, September 19, 2010

Organic vs Non Organic

We have all heard the excuses for not eating organic foods & the one that's my personal favorite is that they are too expensive.  Well, today after a trip to Whole Foods & then Kroger I have something that's going to shock & awww.  We recently decided to make some additional changes to our already pretty healthy diet but we wanted to incorporate more organic foods, buy things that are free range with no antibiotics or hormones added & start a "Meatless Monday" to help reduce our meat intake & hopefully send a clear message that we will not rest until more grocery stores support the grass fed meat movement.    

Below you will find 2 pics, the first one is a few Non-Organic food items from our local Kroger, the total cost of the bill was $36.81.  

The 2nd one is of organic produce from Whole Foods, total cost of this bill was $14.21

Conclusion, we spent LESS money purchasing Organic foods from Whole Foods than we did from purchasing Non Organic foods from Kroger.  The deli meat alone was $15 from Kroger and for that same amount we bought all the Organic produce you see above.  Organic produce is only about $2.99 per lb vs meat which can be as much as $20+ per lb.  If we are eating less meat & more produce then its cheaper & better for us.  It can be done & saying it's too expensive just doesn't hold water & I will quickly refer anyone to this page who decides to go toe to toe with me ;) NOTE:  This is our entire grocery bill for 1 week for 2 ppl.  

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