Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trolley Stop Market

Welcome to TSM!!!!!

In our quest to find all things Locavore, yesterday my hubby & I decided it was time for our intro to Trolley Stop Market (TSM).  The plan was to head downtown after the lunch rush to check out everything & both of us having worked in restaurants off & on for the last decade or so thought we had it all figured out.  But when we walked in the door at 2pm we found out that it was still packed!!!  The moment you step in the door (the above pic) is on your left.  Well of course I am in love, they have Christmas lights everywhere!!!  People were everywhere, tables full of smiling happy patrons & we were surrounded by fresh ingredients.  We had no idea where to start, you should have seen us...we couldn't move, stood there in the middle of GREATNESS, completely consumed by this unbelievable experience of knowing that we were right where we belonged.    

Just beyond the bar is this stand...
Fresh fruits

The sign gives you all the prices, very reasonable & there was definitely Organic options

Hydroponically grown tomatoes, which for the Winter is a GREAT option
To the right of this stand, you can see Winter squash that I somehow missed getting a pic of...I was clearly caught up in having all these farm fresh ingredients under one roof, that I felt like a kid in cheese factory (I have never been a huge candy fan so cheese is mine substitute for that).

Neola Farms is where TSM gets all their beef from, it's in Brighton, TN...we can actually say we know where our meat comes from.  Isn't that the way it should be?  It doesn't have to be a secret farm in the middle of nowhere, guarded by the CAFO Goblins.  

This is where TSM gets all of their beef for their burgers & Lasagna 
Ready & waiting for you to come buy & ENJOY!!!
"Don't make me bootleg, my RAW MILK" -it's what their t-shirts say : P
Evergreen Farms - talk about farm fresh milk, well here it is folks!!!
Towards the end of our journey we made it back up to the front of the market to check out.  We were able to snag some delicious local honey from Wolf River Honey in Moscow, TN.  And of course the t-shirt that reads, "Don't make me bootleg my raw milk" from Evergreen Farms.  I love this t-shirt, not only does it make me laugh but it's the softest t-shirt ever & I will proudly wear it around town in hopes that my eyes will fall on someone else who looks at me & gets it.  I also looked for Top of the World Farm (an old friend from high school owns this farm & we have been itching to get our hands on some of their goodies) but they were sold out...maybe next time. Not only does TSM feature local farms & all their goodies but they are also featuring local artists & their crafts.  It's really encompasses the locavore movement all under one roof.  

Big southern hugs,


  1. NICE! Love places like that! There is a "similar" market in Dallas called, "Central Market" for the freshest, most unusual ingredients and a deli for picking up a quick lunch. Don't remember a cool bar counter like TSM though!

  2. Thanks, Susan!!!! We really had that moment of, we knew we were right at home (so to speak), the moment we walked in the door.


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