Thursday, March 17, 2011

CJ's & A's Chicken Salad

This past Sat March 12, we did something very special that without a doubt ranks up there as one of the BEST night's of my life beside my honeymoon of course.  Our Supper Club group got the unique opportunity to honor Christy Jordan from Southern Plate.  Each group member picked their favorite dish and prepared it to share with everyone.  Now for the REALLY EXCITING part, Christy Jordan herself agreed to join us for this event via Skype and we got to spend the entire evening talking and sharing.  Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you everything we talked about because I have something even better in mind, we video'd the entire process and here very soon I will be posting portions of that video to share with you.  My heart is still filled with joy from all the memories and stories she so graciously shared with us.  And let me tell you, this is one amazing' southern gal!!!  She has soooo much personality and almost 3 hrs later we were still at it, I honestly think we could have stayed up all night and never run out of things to talk about.  We got to talkin' about her Alabama BBQ Sauce and I shared that I had tried to make my own but it turned out I added too many different flavors and it was a bust..oh well, better luck next time.  In keeping with my promise I made to her on Sat, I made her version, let's face it she's more of the expert on the great state of Alabama than I am.  Well folks I fell in love with Christy's is is out of this world delicious!!!  

So, in keeping with honoring her and her great recipes...I came up with this.  What else do us southern folks love that uses mayo to bind everything together...well a CHICKEN SALAD of course!!!  So, I used her Alabama BBQ Sauce to bring everything together and it's the perfect combination, if I don't say so myself ~snickers~  

SP's Alabama BBQ Sauce
I vowed to be true to this recipe, although I did cut it in half because the salad recipe only calls for 1/4 - 1/2 cup of this and that still leaves some left over, I just can't stand the idea of wasting food, it absolutely drives me crazy and I don't need any help in that department ~snickers~

CJ's & A's Chicken Salad (serves 3-4ppl)
2 cups (approximately 3 breasts) cooked chicken breast, cubed
1/4 cup red onion, diced
1/4 cup shredded cheese (whatever you love)
1/2 cup golden raisins
1/4 cup Alabama BBQ sauce (could use more, depending on desired consistency)
1/8 tsp paprika (optional and added for color)
Half avocado diced 
salt & pepper to taste

Mix everything together, except the avocado (add to the dish, right when you serve it, otherwise it just turns brown) of course it's ok to's just not quite as pretty.  This is really good the next day, so I suggest making it the day before and then adding the avocado right before serving, ENJOY!!!


  1. I am a chicken salad girl and I have to try this...It sounds divine!

    On a side note: I love Christy @ SouthernPlate! She doesn't know me from a cat but I found her blog after I'd come up with the name from mine...I looked at it as a sign that I was on the right track!

  2. Thanks, so much Shawn!! You are definitely on the right track with your amazing recipes & your love for all things SP & CJ.

  3. I've had the pleasure of meeting Christy and her Mama when they were in Asheville for Christy's book signing! And like you, Angie, I felt that we could have chatted all night and never run out of things to talk about! So, when I heard you describe your experience using the same words I had to chuckle...Your recipe sounds yummy and I love the idea of avocado! In fact, I enjoy them on my hot dogs! LOL Will have to give this a try sometime and let you know what I think! Isn't it fun to 'play with your food'??!!!

  4. Hey Angie...I'm back to tell you that I made your chicken salad for lunch today and it was absolutely fabulous!!!

  5. Hey Shawn!! I just love ya & your sweet comments. Thanks so much, my heart is filled with joy knowing that you enjoyed it so!!!


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