Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet Martha Hall Foose

Yesterday afternoon, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Martha Hall Foose and cookbook author of A Southerly Course...she was here for a book signing but since I had to work she graciously agreed to meet me at a "top secret location" ~snickers~ beforehand so we got the chance to just sit down and chat. She offered up some great tips for cooking her Pimento Cheese Soup recipe, must use a good block of cheese and grate it yourself.  Unfortunately the store bought pre-shredded kind or even an off brand block of cheese will not work here.  So plan on skipping off to a local cheese counter or visiting your favorite farmers market to find the perfect cheese for this dish.

Sitting down to chat with her was like sitting down at a table surrounded by family and friends.  We talked about her little boy and how he loves to collect hotel keys from all the fun places they have been able to visit.  And how he got to be the Duck Master at the Peabody Memphis, a couple years back.  We laughed at how our mutual friend Christy Jordan from Southern Plate  taught her a little trick about cutting corn off the cob, which she mentions in the book.  Of course, we talked about our Supper Club family and how we have started featuring cookbook authors (Christy Jordan was our first) and I asked Martha if she would be so kind as to be our next featured author & she AGREED!!!  I asked her if she would help us pick out the menu and she pointed out some great recipes to entertain with, Floating Islands, Chicory Salad, Sugar Snap Peas with peaches...etc.  So, get ready Supper Club you are going to get to meet this lovely lady.  

I just want to say this, I really love where we are headed with Supper Club.  These opportunities to meet such amazing people that love food as much as the rest of us and share their stories with us is really something to hold onto.  And each experience is one that can never be taken away.  Some Supper Clubs are going out to eat and we think that's great but there's something about re-creating the love that they put into their delicious dishes in our own homes that just makes what we are doing so much more special and I hope that the fine folks at The Commercial Appeal will decide to share what we have created with everyone in the Memphis & surrounding community.  It's all about supporting each other.

Happy Easter, everyone!!!


  1. Oh Angie..I am so envious! Lucky girl! I should have had you get me a signed copy..maybe at your Supper Club?

    I love reading through your makes me "feel" your energy!

    *And you look great in the photo..always a bonus! :)

  2. Congratulations to you for snagging that interview! I'm ordering it today!

  3. **Come check out my blog...YOU got an AWARD! :)


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