Friday, April 1, 2011

Salted Almond Shortbread Cookies

Just picked up a copy of Michael Ruhlman's Ratio and this was my first experiment.  So, I am REALLY excited about sharing this with you.  If you are not familiar with this book, it's about understanding the fundamentals of baking.  It allows you to create thousands of recipes just by knowing one very simple ratio.  It also teaches about the relationship that the ingredients have with one another.  This book sets us free from recipes and allows us to just create as much or as little as we want, in our home kitchens.  One very important element here is that the key ingredients are measured by weight not volume, so it's very important to have a scale on hand when baking, it's just more precise.  

Back to the recipe, since we are HUGE almond fans I decided to do these shortbread cookies with almond extract instead of vanilla but use what you love by all means.  I think the almond just enhances the buttery flavor of these little babies.  I have already had 1 for breakfast this morning and I have my eye on a 2nd one for lunch ~snickers~.

2 oz (light) brown sugar
4 oz unsalted butter (1 stick), softened

1/2 tsp almond extract 
pinch salt

6 oz all purpose flour
2 T water

Preheat oven to 350F.  In medium bowl, cream (mix) together sugar and butter.  Add your salt and extract.  Then, fold in flour gradually, until dough is formed.  If it's too dry (like mine was) add a little bit of water at a time until the dough comes together.  I used a 2 tablespoon scoop, placed eat ball on my round stone and then pressed them down.  They don't spread as they bake so you can place them fairly close together.  I was able to get all 12 on my round stone (baking sheet is fine too just be aware you may need to adjust cooking times).  Bake 15-20 mins.  Sprinkle with salt and ENJOY!!!

Makes 12 cookies (using a 2 T scoop)

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  1. Love almonds, love shortbread...I don't know how you kept it at just 1 this morning :)


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