Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MJP Cheese Spread

Good morning, ya'll!  Behind every dish, there's a story worth sharing & this one is very special to me.  Recently, I was given the opportunity to create a recipe for the amazing gals that founded Miss Jenny's Pickles.  And it was an incredible honor, to do so.  They have even been kind enough to feature us & this creation, on their website.  Ya'll have to go check them out, they are fantastic!!  My entire family got involved in this, we put our hearts & heads together, brainstorming all the ways to incorporate pickles into a dish.  We came up with some funny stuff, like Pickle Ice Cream (I am going to keep working on that one ;) but this recipe is my personal favorite.  This is my take on a classic southern dish, Pimento Cheese & I put a new twist on it, using their pickles.  Big thanks & hugs to Ashlee & Jenny at MJP, for everything, so honored to have met ya'll.

1/2 cup small curd cottage cheese
3/4 cup finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons mayo
1/4 teaspoon garlic clove, grated
1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
3 tablespoons Miss Jenny's Bread & Butter pickles
Pinch of salt & dash of pepper

Mix everything together in a small bowl.  And refrigerate for at least an hour to let flavors comes together, overnight is even better.  Serve along side your favorite pita chips or spread on your favorite sliced bread for a quick & easy sandwich.  Serve warm or cold.  

Makes 1 cup

Big southern hugs, 

This recipe was created specifically for Miss Jenny's Pickles & is currently being featured on their website (follow the link to see more).


  1. Fun! So cool to get everyone involved to come up with something!

  2. Thanks, Erin!! We had so much fun doing this!!

  3. Nice party dip.. I have never tried MJP and i am a serious pickle lover I'll have to check them out. Sending a little buzz your way

  4. Great party dip, for sure!!! Thanks so much, CL :)

  5. Yum, this looks great! It's perfect for a weekend dvd marathon :)


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