Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brilliant to Basic Ya'll by Virginia Willis

Virginia Willis will be in Memphis on Tuesday October 18, 2011 

Time: 6pm - 8pm

387 Perkins Road Extended

Memphis, TN 38117

Look forward to seeing you there!!!

Virginia Willis's new cook book hits the shelves Tuesday, September 27 & we were very honored to get a peak.  Virginia combines southern cooking with French techniques.  And she is just as brilliant as the cookbook title, itself.  In Basic to Brilliant, Ya'll, she takes classic southern cuisine, gives us fancy & simple ways to prepare each dish.  Each recipe has a basic version & a brilliant fancier option.  So you can make one version for your family & then take the same recipe & fancy it up for a dinner party, for example.  This book really is brilliant & the techniques she describes in detail will surely appeal to a wide variety of folks.  And will be cherished for years to come.  This book, is especially one that foodies will not be able to put down because there's so much to learn.  And the icing on the cake, her stories about Julia Child & Paula Deen.  Don't miss what happened behind the scenes, at the Paula Deen show tapping.  So, whether you are looking to learn some French techniques or create dishes that will quickly become family traditions, I guarantee you this book will make you smile, laugh & love food, like never before.     

The first recipe that caught my eye was her Sweet Potato Grits, it's the perfect fusion of 2 southern dishes that no one will be able to resist.  She impresses upon us the importance of using real stone-ground grits and why "quick-grits" just won't do.  So, I went out and purchased real grits from a local Mississippi company & can't wait to make this!!   

The recipe we decided to make, was her Tarragon Egg Salad & it was the BEST Egg Salad I have ever put in my mouth. She explains exactly how to soft boil an egg & the end product, produces this creamy yoke that for 6 eggs, only requires 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, WOW.  Simply knowing how to avoid overcooking the egg, actually allows us to essencially cut calories because the yokes are so creamy, not as much mayonnaise is needed to help it come together, brilliant!!  

There are so many recipes that we can't wait to make & wish I could list them all but for now you must go grab this cookbook, curl up in a quiet place & enjoy everything is has to offer.  And we will look forward to seeing you on October 18 at 6pm at 

for Virginia's signing, can't wait!!!!  


  1. Sounds like a winner!

    I just got an email from FoodBlogSouth and I'm signing up for the seminar that she's doing in January 2012...I can't wait!

  2. Southern cooking is always amazing!!! sounds like a great book.
    Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeño


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