Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bookseller Bistro (formerly Bronte Bistro) in The Booksellers at Laurelwood

Welcome to the new face of The Booksellers at Laurelwood!!!  In celebration of their brand new sign going up on the building, we couldn't resist heading over to celebrate in Bronte Bistro for the an evening of fantastic food.  

387 Perkins Road Extended, Memphis, TN 38117
Phone (901) 683-9801

What we love most is that they feature different specials, each month, based on the latest cookbook releases.  Next month they will be featuring dishes from Virginia Willis's new cookbook, Basic to Brilliant Ya'll.  Which is set to release, end of September (more info to come).  Click here for their menu on Facebook.  Their website should be up & running soon, so be sure & join their Facebook page for more info.

Tomato Bleu Cheese soup
Our waiter, John, was kind enough to bring us a sample of this creamy, yet slightly tangy celebration of all things comforting & warm.  One gulp & we both melted in it's deliciousness.  The addition of cream rounds off this dish, to a perfect high note.  And the symphony of harmonious flavors continue working together to make up, this classic & elegant soup.

Michael Lamonoco’s Alpine Chicken Pasta
chicken (not shown)
This peppery macaroni & cheese is every southern girls dream.  Rich & hearty, this dish takes on a whole new whelm of how we think about macaroni & cheese.  Here the addition of cream, parmesan & fontina cheese, yields a light cheesy flavor.  But don't let that fool you, this sophisticated macaroni & cheese will exhilarate your taste buds with the addition of a generous amount of black pepper.  

Baked Chicken Avocado Wrap
Wrapped up in this package is lightly seasoned blackened chicken, black beans, corn, tomatoes, jalapenos and avocado.  Served with a mandarin orange sauce & sour cream.

America's Test Kitchen Avocado BLT
Salty, smoky bacon, creamy avocado & little spice from the chipotle mayonnaise makes this the perfect BLT, on toasted wheat bread.  And the shrewd addition of the wheat bread, makes you feel good about eating something that some might deem as not so healthy.  

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