Thursday, February 2, 2012

Memphis Chefs: A Community of Support

As Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the reasons why opting to eat local is best, these local Memphis Chefs give us yet another reason to put our money back into the local economy.  These folks are making cohesiveness & community support the key elements, to running their restaurants, which doesn't always come easily, in such a cut throat industry.  Memphis is trying to do it better & that should make everyone in the hospitality & tourism industry, very proud.  What led up up to this, was how the MBJ (Memphis Business Journal) opted to structure a local competition, known as Best Chef in Memphis.  Each Chef would be pinned up against another (in brackets) to fight for the title of Best Chef in Memphis.  The MBJ, actually suggested that the Chefs use social media to "smack talk" their opponents.  Thank goodness, these Memphis restaurant Owners/Chefs spoke up in defense of what could have been a very counter productive battle, during tough economic times for tourism & hospitality.  Instead, they opted to take the high road in the letter below, which was written to the MBJ, on behalf of numerous local Chefs & it outlines the reasons why they are "respectfully declining" to participate in the Best Chef in Memphis, contest.


Dear Mr. Epley & The MBJ Staff,

Thank you for your recent offer to participate in the inaugural MBJ's Best Chef in Memphis competition. As people who work hard everyday to elevate the culinary experience in Memphis, we appreciate your coverage of the restaurant and hospitality industry in the Bluff City. The MBJ can serve a vital role in helping to tell the story of the incredible economic, cultural and social impact the restaurant industry has on the MidSouth, and spread the word of the amazing culinary talent and even more unique, the story of our community of shared success.

As the Memphis restaurant scene has continued to develop, especially with the increase of Chef-Owned Restaurants, we as key players in this development have worked to cultivate an environment of inclusiveness. Luckily, this is an environment that is natural to the many of us who have chosen to make Memphis our Restaurant Home. Instead of competing with each other, we send each other business. Instead of poaching talented staff, we share resources to ensure a future of talent. If one of us runs out of lettuce, we run down the street and get a loaner from our neighbor. If one of us receives national praise, the rest of us promote the great news to our own customers. Is there a competitive spirit? Of course. We are, after all, business people. But the people who have chosen to make Memphis their culinary home in the past few years have done so with the forethought that Memphis can be and is different than other cut-throat restaurant towns.

As such, we feel we will have to respect[fully] decline your offer to participate in the MBJ's Best Chef in Memphis Competition as it is currently structured. It just does not reflect the way in which we choose to do business and support each other. We encourage you to look to organizations that focus on highlighting the positives of restaurant communities, such as Cochon555. They have developed a fun way to highlight the talents of local chefs and at the same time elevate the entire food community, rather than "squaring us off" against each other in an arbitrary popularity contest. That is not beneficial to anyone, in the restaurant community or beyond.

We hope that through this process, you may have a little more insight into how much we work together to promote Memphis as a culinary family that is and will continue to be a shining star of the South. That is the real story and one worth telling time and time again.

With Regards,Patrick & Deni Reilly, The Majestic Grille
Kelly English, Restaurant Iris
Felicia Willett, Felicia Suzanne's
Jose Gutierrez & Colleen DePete, River Oaks
John Littlefield & Bert Smythe, McEwen's & Alchemy
Ryan Trimm, Sweet Grass & Next Door
Andrew Ticer & Michael Hudman, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen
Jeff Dunham, The Grove Grill
Jonathan Magallanes, Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana
Jason & Rebecca Severs, Bari Ristorante e Enoteca
Bill Taras, Jim's Place East
Mac Edwards, Gannon Hamilton, Leslee Pascal, The Elegant Farmer
John Bragg, Circa
Robbie Cirillo, Bleu & the Westin
Javier Lopez, Folks Folly
Karen Carrier, The Beauty Shop, Molly Fontaine's, Do
Nick Scott, BlueFin Edge Cuisine
David Cleveland & Laura Krug, Cortona
Tommy Peters, Itta Bena, BB King's
Michael Patrick, Rizzo's

Here is the follow up from the MBJ, posted yesterday Feburary 2, 2011.  

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  1. We have scheduled a girls long weekend in Memphis on May 18-21, 2012. Thank you for this insite to the wonderful places we can/may enjoy visiting while there. Most of our stay will center around the BBQ Memphis in May but it will be good to escape and visit one of these upstanding resturants.
    Thank you again.


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