Saturday, February 18, 2012

The World in a Skillet

The World in a Skillet hits the shelves in March 2012...and, if you aren't at your local bookstore (official launch party & signing at Booksellers at Laurelwood on Tuesday, March 6 @ 6pm) to get your copy before they're gone, you may be left in the dust. This book makes me sooo proud be a southern gal!

Paul and Angela Knipple, husband & wife team, take on the South in their book, The World in a Skillet. Southern food is about way more than we might realize. The World in a Skillet is about the people Paul and Angela visit and the culinary history they uncover. They guide us in discovering that southern cooking and American immigrants go hand in hand.  This book is what southern living is all about. It's people from all over the world that make a difference in what southern food is and how it always will be evolving.  

The idea for this book came to Paul and Angela while eating at a favorite local restaurant, Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana, in Germantown, TN. The owners are known for their love of authentic Mexico City street-style food. And they proudly share their story for how and why they only serve the freshest ingredients, every day. Deli Mexicana is a unique establishment that is located in the heart of Germantown, and Pepe and Jonathan Margallanes are a fantastic father & son team!! What they create is unique and priceless. We LOVE them!!! Just the other day Jonathan mentioned to me how much they adore Paul and Angela - I told him I couldn't agree more.  

Paul and Angela decided the focus would be the Central and South American restaurants.  Many of the folks they interviewed are those who are living the American dream while bringing their heritage into southern cooking. Essentially, Paul and Angela wrote down these people's stories of the places they call home. It's the stories and recipes in this book that will grab you and help you discover there is more to southern cooking than fried chicken & turnip greens.     

In America, our food culture is lacking...a lot due to modern convenience foods like the fast food burger...but American food culture is widely influenced by immigrants, holding true to what they were taught by the cooks in their families. Today you will find many restaurants growing, thriving and defining what southern food means to them.  

Click the link for a list of cities and events Paul and Angela will be attending this Spring. See if they are coming to a city near you - The World in a Skillet

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