Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Lays Potato Chips Review

The new Lay's potato chips creations are here & if you haven't tried them, you should head out to your nearest Walgreen's (the only place I could find in Memphis that was carrying them) & grab some before they are gone. There are 4 flavors total & they only give us 40 days to try them & vote for our favorite. Keep in mind only 1 can win, so vote here!!

Let's dive into this review...I had a blast taste testing these. I took them all to work & got as many people as I could to try them. And this is how the the majority of my taste testers felt.

First up is the Wavy Mango Salsa & let me say I am impartial to wavy chips because of their super crunchy quality and dip-ability (yes, I made that up!). So we agreed, upon taking the first bite that the mango takes the forefront & then light salsa aftertaste comes in. There is no heat with these chips. In fact, most agreed that these are more of a fruity chip.  And they could use a little more salsa flavor. Overall, we liked them & the dipping possibilities are endless.

Next is the Wasabi Ginger & these are spicy!!! There is soy sauce in these so proceed with caution if anyone is gluten free, like me. I made an exception for these & I did try them. We really enjoyed that wasabi kick, it was not too spicy but just spicy enough, so good balance of flavor. And there's just a hint of ginger, which finishes them off. Overall, everyone liked them. However I wish they would add gluten free soy sauce in there, so everyone can enjoy these. 

And finally the Cappuccino & shockingly these were not as bad as everyone was saying. However, we did take into consideration that coffee & chips are probably not the best combination. But with that being said there are tons of great flavors going on here, there's coffee, butter, creamer & brown sugar. The complexity of flavor was right on, salty but sweet. I did eat several of these & enjoyed the craziness that was going on in my mouth. But we see this flavor being a much harder sell to the public than the other ones. Overall, we agreed that the world is not ready for an infusion of sweet coffee & savory chips & that's ok. But I applaud the person who created these, it takes a very eclectic thinker to infuse flavors like these.  

So sorry to report that the Bacon Mac & Cheese was no where to be found. But I will continue to search for them. I feel like they are going to be the winning combination. 

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