Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why I Decided to Become a Personal Trainer

Welcome back, it's been a while, I know. We all get busy & that's ok but I am back. And I gave the blog a fresh new look & an exciting new mantra. So, I am thrilled to share that I am in process of becoming a Personal Trainer. And this is how it happened. 

There's something that happens within us that we can't always explain. We look in the mirror or we step on that scale & we say to ourselves, I want to make better choices that will have a positive impact on my quality of life. And in that instant, what seemed impossible is now possible. WARNING: this is a scary place for some, it's where life altering events occur, it's where the real work begins and sedentary lifestyles end. You get it, you want a better quality of life for yourself. I wish I could bottle it up & give it to you. But in order to get it, you have to be willing to work for it. Those who fail don't fail because they couldn't do it, they fail because they didn't come in with the right mind set. They just wanted a quick fix, a crash diet or something that wouldn't hinder their current lifestyle. Well, that's not how this works. It's cliche but nothing we do in life that is worth anything, comes easy. You have to show up & be ready to work. The hard part is not making the decision, the hard part is following through & not giving up. But you don't know where to start. You ask yourself...what do I do first? How will I stick with this? Who's going to hold me accountable? And then the excuses follow, like I don't have enough time or I am too tired or ice cream is so good. I have been there, I get it.

My decision to become a personal trainer, didn't happen over night. It was a natural progression that began as a child. It grew out of deep desire to inspire others & enhance my own quality of life. That's the only way, I could teach other's how to do the same. It grew inside me as a child, who watched her parents support our family, while doing exactly what they loved, while inspiring me to not give up and keep looking for the same. So here's my story.

I was a dancer for more than 15 years but gave it up as I entered college because it was too demanding. At night I dreamed about being welcomed back into my studio with open arms but unfortunately that never happened. Fast forward to college, when I graduated in 2008, with a BBA in Hospitality Resort Management. However, I quickly discovered that the quality of life I wanted just wasn't there. I ended up working long hours, into the overnight shift & trying to take a day off was meet with constant interruptions from my cell phone, oftentimes at all hours of the day or night. I spent 17 years, taking care of other's in an environment that was unhealthy for me. But I knew it was time to walk away. Next, I decided that Sales & Catering would lend a better quality of live but again, the long hours dragged me down. Finally my love for nutrition & healthy cooking lead me to rejoin Pampered Chef this past year. It's a great way to channel my intense love for food but it still didn't satisfy my need to inspire & change lives. I kept praying & trying to figure out what I was in search of.

Meanwhile, I began my fitness journey in May 2014. It was a real shocker, as a former tap dancer that I found myself at 137lbs on a 5ft frame. But it can happen to anyone. I knew I had some work ahead of me but I was very determined. And 5 months later, I dropped 22lbs while gaining some bad-ass girl muscles. I essentially became my own personal trainer & I loved everything about it. It was fun trying to figure everything out on my own. Sure it wasn't easy but that's why I loved it. It didn't hit me immediately but I had I found success in working out & leading a healthier lifestyle. As a bonus, my confidence began to reappear and the person that I always wanted to be, slowly came out. Then in July 2015, post 2 miscarriages...I realized how much my body had been through. And I felt like I had lost almost everything I had worked for, for the last year & a half. But that wasn't true & I quickly realized that I was getting a second chance. I already knew how to get results so I got re-motivated and got back in the gym. And today I continue to prove to myself that hard work & determination are the keys to success!!!

When it finally hit me that my own fitness industry had completely changed me & it had brought out everything I had ever wanted. Additional, I had accomplished things I didn't think possible. I changed the way I looked, I was in charge of my own body composition. I showed up, I did the work & I was committed. It's not that hard. If I can do this, so can you. It brings out who we really are, it promotes self worth & I will guide you every step of the way. My PT certification should be complete by early 2016. And I am excited to get started in a brand new industry!! One that's rooted in supporting individuality & quality of life.

Let health & fitness WIN!!



  1. Angie--Best of luck in the new venture! I took a break from the wine and food writing for a while and spent more of my free time cycling and eating healthy. Dropped about 60 lbs. Best wishes and keep in touch!

    1. Hi Ben, thanks so much!!! And congrats on the 60lb weight loss, I am sure you feel better than ever. Take care.


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