Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Goals: Marriage, Fitness & Friends

Goodbye 2015!!! I am thankful for our time together but I am ready to move forward, thrilled to be facing a new year with new possibilities & lots of hope. I am ending this year, knowing that God handed us more than we thought we could ever handle but he brought us through the fire and we are still standing. We started off the year very excited about deciding to start a family, after more than 10 years. But unfortunately those dreams were put on hold, after 2 back to back miscarriages. Exhausted mentally & physically, I immediately went into a stressful promotion at work that lasted for another 3 months. Then we went into the retail Christmas season insanity. The list could go on but let's move forward. 

We made it through & 2016 is right around the corner. I learned a lot about myself & how I want to live my life in 2016. I am not making any new years resolutions, those never last. What I am doing is making a list of goals that I want to accomplish in 2016. Then I will refer back to this list, as needed to be sure I am on track. Here they are & in no particular order...

Save Money 
This is needed so that we can take more vacations & have more time that it's just the 2 of us to do things we both enjoy. We rarely get time together & I really want us to focus on us & this is a great way to invest in our marriage.  

Become a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
Finish studying & get certified no later than April 2016

Keep reading this book!! I love it & highly recommend it anyone who is tired of dieting and wants to learn about the freedom in not having to do so. The mindset of this book is so laid back that most of the effort just comes from reading. Once we have the tools, that Georgie gives us, we can do everything in this book, pretty much without thinking and definitely without stressing out.  We will continue to practice habits 1 & 2, for about another week. Habit 1: eat 3 to 4 meals a day, with no snacking in between. I didn't realize it but I don't need those snacks. I gave them up & never looked back. It was a no-brainier.  It has saved us money too, not having to buy snacks anymore, love that!! Habit 2: wait 30-60 minutes before eating, once hunger arrives. I have enjoyed hunger actually coming in & saying hello I am here. I was eating so often before that I never allowed myself the opportunity to get hungry. She goes into more detail about this in the book but this is very common. Most times, we don't allow ourselves to get hungry because we are scared, that's me. I viewed it as a bad thing but since reading this, it's freed me to realize hunger is actually a good thing. I will continue to share my experiences with you, as we move into future habits.  

Create Deep, Meaningful Relationships with Others (and with God)
We will never regret the effort we put into our relationships. I want to spend more time, either in person or over the phone with people that I care about most. Text less and love more, great motto!!! Texting is only going to be used to get info to someone if needed but it's not my main form of communication. I want to spend more time face to face & less time on devices. 

More Self Compassion & Less Negative Self Talk 
I need silence my inner critic. This is going to be hard but I can do it. I have always operated under a perfectionist mind set, when it comes to myself. But I am done beating myself up, over not being perfect. It is time to accept who I am, I am not perfect & that should come as a relief. God accepts me for who I am & it's time I start doing the same. I am 38 yrs old, I am a Christian, I am a disgustingly positive person with a very spunky personality. My face rarely allows me to hide what I am thinking. I stand up for people & what I believe. I am the kind of person you want on your side because and I will drop what I am doing & rush to you if you need me. See, that's a good start, more of that to come. 

Schedule Workouts 4 Days per Week 
I want to get back into my workouts, about 30 to 60 minutes & 4 days per week. I want to set aside that time for myself, it's very important. I will be blocking off my time each week so that I know exactly when I am going to be working out. I am committed to taking care of myself & feeling good. Hopefully setting aside this time will help me refocus. There will be times when I have to go easy on myself & listen to my body when it tells me that's enough. It's ok let our body's win, in those times. 

I will probably add to this list as more things come to mind but for now, I am happy with this. I don't want to overwhelm myself, which is easy to do when your brain is constantly going 90 mph, as mine does. 

Happy New Year, 


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  2. Yes, we seemingly consent to many things, but really, what other options do we have, and besides, our minds have been fiddled with and conditioned since birth to choose certain things, and value certain things.


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