Friday, November 18, 2016

How to Survive the Holiday Calorie Warnings

As Thanksgiving & Christmas are both right around the corner, so are all the insane amount of social media posts about how to avoid over doing it, calorie wise during this time. I am here to save you from the drama by telling you to scroll past them, mentally flip them off & just enjoy yourself. Here's why, first of all it's one freaking day, who cares...enjoy yourself, you deserve it. More importantly, it takes 3000 calories, more than most of us eat in a day, to gain 1 lb on the scale. There is no way that most of us are going to be able to eat more than an entire days worth food in one sitting. Even if you can, again, it's only 1 day. Also, DO NOT step on the scale the next day & freak out. Anytime we indulge we gain water weight, so that scale is going to go up. It's also going to go back down. Drink lots of water the next day & everything should return to normal. On a side note, there's not a scale in our house for the 1st time, in 39 years. I have trashed it, it's a liar & it's gone!!! Join me on the other side, if you like, it's wonderful to not have his (yes, the scale was a male haha) lies & deception taunting us anymore. Happy Holidays!!!!

Eat this!!!

And this!!

You gotta have this!!

Eat the bacon & the cheese & the mayo based dressing!!

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