Before and After

2008, before the blog started & right before I got sick & landed in the hospital (My mom, my sis & I)

My 32nd birthday dinner back in 2009, right after I got out of the hospital, I was so scared to eat anything but I put a smile on & tried to enjoy myself.

Late 2009, after I had dropped a significant amount of weight but not in a healthy way. This is right before I stepped on the scale & realized I was almost down to a scary # because I was not eating anything.

In 2012, when my cousin, Mallory got married, I was eating here & feeling much better & gaining in a healthier way

Summer 2013, this was taken on the roof of The Madison Hotel in downtown Memphis

In April 2014, right before I began this journey to get back to a healthier me. 

By 9 weeks, I had already lost about 10lbs!!! I was running about 30 mins 4-5 days a week & I was lifting too.

Here is my 3 months, progress!!  I am down 13 lbs here & feeling wonderful!!!

This is the most current pic I have, it was taken on Friday Sept. 5, 2015. Hard work & determination in the gym starting to pay off. 

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